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Save ink for free

Save ink for free

Did you know there is an easy way to save ink for free with you current printer making your documents printer friendly? has a “save ink” solution that places tiny blank holes inside the printed area of a font character, so that your printer has less to print, up to 50% of ink saving, making it a printer friendly font! It makes a lot of sense actually.

The beauty is that when you type in Word for example or print the font in normal circumstances, you don’t noticed anything different from your normal font as you wont see the “dots” but your ink will last longer and you are helping the environment at the same time as a bonus.

You can use their free font and try it out to see if it benefit you at all. Alternatively , go advanced and one of their Ecofont Editions.

Click the image below to download and install the free font. It will take you to the website.

save ink
save ink
What’s missing?

What’s missing?

Thinking AutoCAD or dwg and dxf files 2D and 3D, what online services can you think of that are not available online or are too difficult for you to use on existing services that can improve a lot.
It can be in the Mechanical field, Electrical field or just plain anything you can think of that can make your life a hell of a lot easier in your work or personal life.

Below are some suggestions. Please vote for them or simply write your own idea / suggestion in the comments below.
(Also if applicable, suggest a price you would pay for such a service. (this will help keep everything online but in some case can be free)


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Interested in having your Company Logo in DWG or DXF format for your drawings?


  1. Better features than having an image in your Title blocks.
  2. Can be used for watermarking across your drawings.
  3. Better fading control.
  4. High Quality, even after scaling.
  5. Prints better

This service does not use software to create your logo. They are manually created to ensure best results and quality. Please allow 2 days to receive feedback.

Fill in your details below and Upload your high Quality Company Logo:

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