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Hewett CADTech accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum

Hewett CADTech accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you are into the Tech World, you’ll for certain know of a boom that’s happening right now. Cryptocurrencies, and it seems big.

We see an opportunity here and have decided to test this, therefor Hewett CADTech accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options.

We will be using Luno for payments and the rate will be determent by the latest value for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you don’t know, Luno is one of the easiest methods to buy yourself some cryptocurrencies in South Africa. You install their app on your smartphone and from there you can buy, receive or make payment’s in Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can even buy airtime with your Bitcoin’s and trade on the Exchange if you like.

So let’s say you have the Luno Wallet on you phone and you would like to pay for CADTech services, this is what you do:
Open you Luno app, click on Send, choose Bitcoin or Ethereum, enter the address by typing it in or scanning the barcode below and of you go.
To confirm your Transaction to us, you can go to that transaction details and send us the screenshot of it. That way we can confirm it from you.

Visit the Luno website support Centre for more detailed instructions and to learn more.

Below is our Bitcoin and Ethereum payment Wallet addresses.

eth qr code btc qr code